About Me


Name: Scott (hopefully the website URL tipped you off)

Location:  Washington DC

Political Leanings:  Pretty independent with some Libertarian leanings (I strongly believe in personal responsibility and self-directed destiny vs. relying on the government)

Likes: Guitars, fishing, books, good films and better beer.

Dislikes: Bigots, whining and Facebook.

Want to contribute an article of your own?

I welcome contributions from anyone wanting to participate and collaborate – and only have a few rules that govern what’s worthy of publishing:

- Articles must be at least 500 words in length and have been adequately spell-checked and reviewed to ensure proper grammatical form.

- Articles can be controversial in nature but cannot be threatening to any individual or group nor include sexist or racist statements, slang or euphemisms.

- Sources must be quoted ~ any incidences of plagiarism will result in loss of site access.

- Photos or drawings included in articles cannot contain explicit “X-rated” content (no pornography).

- All reviews for movies, music, games or television must be for material released within the last 6 months unless otherwise specified.

- I review all articles prior to publishing which may result in required changes (editorial discretion) before posting.

- Articles should be sent in e-mail form (with an MS Word copy attached) to: info@scottbytes.com.

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